Free and open source Geographic Information Systems

Specialist of QGIS and PostGIS geographic databases

QGIS and PostGIS allow you to easily visualize, manage, edit, and analyze geographic data, and to create sophisticated cartographic maps.

QGIS and PostGIS provide a simple yet effective way of handling large volumes of geodata (e.g. cadastre, land use, etc.) and to publish standard OpenGeospatialConsortium Web Services (WMS, WFS, WCS), as well as full WebGIS.

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New PostGIS version

GFOSS Day Italia 2015: Faunalia c’è

  • Faunalia sarà presente al GFOSS Day 2015, la settima conferenza italiana sul software geografico libero ed open source, a Lecco il 28 e 29 settembre, con: (1) un workshop su QGIS; (2) una conferenza sullo stato di sviluppo del progetto QGIS; (3) un intervento, già annunciato, nell’ambito della conferenza ASITA. Per iscrivervi al workshop, usate la pagina di registrazione. L’iscrizione è gratuita per i soci GFOSS.it, richiede una donazione per i non soci. A presto!

QGIS keeps on growing in popularity, ArcGIS starts declining?

  • Long term trends in internet searches seem to show a continuous increase in QGIS popularity; what is new is that the proprietary market leader started loosing ground, for the first time ever - future is bright for free GIS.

Really Fast Fourier filter for rasters in QGIS

  • I just approved for publication an interesting plugin: FFT Convolution Filters; it allows both to detect edges and smooth an existing raster - and it’s impressively fast! Beware: you need NumPy, SciPy and Rasterio python modules installed in your system. Have fun.

Full GRASS 7 support in QGIS

  • Thanks to the patient work of Radim Blazek, and to the many donors, the work on a full, and much improved, support for GRASS in QGIS is almost completed. See the detail at the crowdfunding page. Expected delivery in 1.5 months, with QGIS 2.12.

A WPS inside QGIS?

  • Thanks to friends from 3Liz, you can now have Web Processing within your QGIS server, in addition to the existing WMS and WFS. wps4server is a QGIS Server Plugin that provides OGC Web Processing capabilities, based on PyWPS and QGIS Processing. With wps4server you can publish all the QGIS Processing algorithms through Web Processing. This means you can create a Web Processing Service that provides QGIS, GRASS7, GDAL/OGR, Orfeo Toolbox, SAGA algorithms, and also your R and Python scripts algorithms, and your Processing models. With a configuration file, you can restrict the algorithms number. Source code and an installation guide available. Test and feedback are welcome!

More background maps in QGIS

  • One hidden gem in QGIS: QuickMapServices Plugin; it allows you to add 47 background layers from the web, including the well known Google services as well as less known, interesting stuff - and you are encouraged to add your own!

Paolo Cavallini @ ASITA


Change the interface of your QGIS

  • It is now possible, in the development version of QGIS, to choose and create your theme. If you create something interesting, why not sharing it, so it may go in the next version, due in October?

Opinions on QGIS: today and the future

  • An interview with Paolo Cavallini about QGIS and more. In Italian, sorry, non-latins! :)

Customize your QGIS menus

  • The flux of plugins keeps on steady - just published: Menu builder: Create your own menus with your favorite layers. Easy configuration is done with drag & drop from the qgis browser. More are in the queue, stay tuned.

New QGIS Long Term Release

A new QGIS plugin: Natural earth data

Yet another interesting QGIS plugin: Cartograms