Who we are

Faunalia is a company that operates since more than 10 years in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) basing on free and open source software. Our main customers are public administrations, private companies, associations. Faunalia has its main branch in Italy, and operates worldwide.

Our vision

We are convinced free and open source softare is the best and most efficient choice, especially for GIS. Using a free GIS offers a number of advantages when compared to proprietary alternatives, both for the customer and for global social development. It allows a full and transparent control of the software utilised, and therefore a total freedom from vendor lock-in. From a technical point of view, free GIS allow maximum flexibility and customizations, and a constant update of the software, guaranteed by an international network of highly skilled developers. Furthermore, thanks to the use of open standards and formats, they guarantee the maximum persistence of data ove long time span, and a high interoperability among different systems.

Free and open source GIS have a total cost of ownership lower than proprietary solutions; the absence of licence costs removes a significant barrier to a fully legal widespread adoption of GIS technologies by a higher variety of users. Using open source GIS favours the development of local skills, more competition among service providers, and therefore more protection for the customers, when compared with monopolistic solutions.

Our values

Activities of Faunalia are based on values that are fundamental for us:

  • honesty: it is essential in the relationship with the customer, for the respect of reciprocal roles and to build a relationship of trust and mutual satisfaction
  • customer empowerment: the customer’s needs are the guiding principle of our business, not only to pursue its full satisfaction, but to make it fully in possession of the developed solutions and know-how for its use, avoiding dependence on the supplier and vendor lock-in
  • quality: we guarantee high standards, thanks to our commitment and continuous self training, both practical and theoretical, on GIS, and to the collaboration with the top developers worldwide.

Faunaliais also particularly committed to reduce as much as possible the impact of its activities on the environment: we reduce our movements, preferring on the work remotely whenever feasible, we use electricity from certified renewable sources, we adopt cycles of hardware utilization longer than standard, and prefer the reuse of the individual components and the trashware.


Our commercial offer focuses on three main areas: development, assistance and training.

Faunalia contributes directly to the development of the programs it uses and offers. Over the years, we have contributed to sveral projects, among which QGIS, GRASS, PostGIS, GDAL/OGR.

In addition to software development, we also offer, at competitive rates, support and assistance on the software mentioned above.

We offer training courses, both with a standard programme and custom, at our facilities or at your workplace.


The activities of Faunalia are based on an international network of high profile collaborators, coordinated by Paolo Cavallini. Among our recent collaborators:

Paolo Cavallini

_images/pc.jpg Ohloh

Matteo Ghetta

  • Environmental scientist with specialization in geographical data
  • Co-Founder of QGIS Italia
  • He has worked as researcher at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy, in the H2020 Freewat project as co-author of the plugin
  • Collaborates actively with the QGIS developers community, writing code and documentation
  • Author of DataPlotly plugin
  • Reviewer of the Italian translation of QGIS
  • email matteo.ghetta@faunalia.eu
  • Tel/WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram: +39-348-9523719

Renzo Cavallini

  • Geologist, specialised in geophysics
  • He has collaborated with the University of Pisa, both for reasearch and teaching
  • He has published scientific papers on geophysics
  • Leads geotechnical explorations, in the laboratory and in situ
    • execution and processing of laboratory tests on natural soils: oedometer consolidation, direct shear CD, triaxial (UU, CU, CD), simple compression, particle size analysis, consistency limits (LL, LP, LR), specific weight of the granules, permeability in oedometer cell, triaxial and in permeameter (rules followed: Coll. AGI, CNR, ASTM)
    • execution and processing of laboratory tests on road and construction materials: standard and modified Proctor compaction, CBR penetration, mixing of land with lime (follow standards: EN, CNR, ASTM)
    • execution and processing of in situ tests: static penetration with mechanical, electrical and piezocone tip, dynamic penetration with or without coating, PLT, in situ density
    • installation and setup of laboratory equipment and systems for automatically acquiring; calibration of electrical transducers
  • e-mail: renzo.cavallini@faunalia.it