Faunalia provides:

We guarantee that all the code we develop:

  • is published with a free and open source licence
  • is included in the official source code of mainstream software

This will make you sure the code you pay for will be effectively useful and maintainable, now and in the future.

Faunalia has developed, since many years, functions for all software listed above, and we count among our collaborators many of the best developers of these projects.

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Plugin sviluppati da Faunalia

Faunalia ha sviluppato molti plugin per QGIS. Se sei un utilizzatore di un plugin ma hai bisogno di una nuova funzionalità o di altri miglioramenti contattaci

Alcuni dei plugin sviluppati:


DataPlotly is a plugin for QGIS 3 that allows the creation of interactive D3 like plots.

The plots are completely interactive with map features: when clicking or selecting a plot element the corresponding map feature will be highlighted.


DataPlotly allows the creation of many different plot types: each plot type has many additional customizations that enhance the plot in many different ways.

Besides the possibility of a single plot, DataPlotly allows to overlap the plots (even of different type) or the user can separate the plots in a plot grid.

DataPlotly uses the JavaScript library Plotly constantly developed and updated. Thanks to different API, Plotly can be used also with different programming languages (Python, R, NodeJS, etc.).

Each plot has its raw html code that can be embedded everyway.

Furthermore plots can be saved as static (png) images of as html files: the latter keep the plot interactivity.

Multilanguage support

DataPlotly is translatable in different languages. Both GUI and manual are hosted on`Transifex <>`_ where you can ask for your language and translate DataPlotly.

Currently the plugin is avilable in:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • French

DataPlotly enthusiasts

Many users and QGIS developers are happy of DataPlotly. At Jan 22, 2019 the plugin counts around 2000 downloads and has many citations on websites and blogs:

DataPlotly support

Many other functionalities can be added in DataPlotly. If you are interested in supporting the plugin we can please your desires.

Tips & Tricks

The plugin supports all the QGIS functions (expressions, dialog windows, color picker, etc.). Here a collection of tricks to use DataPlotly.

Create many plots in different columns

Besides overlapping plots on the same plot canvas, DataPlotly allows to separate plots in grids. This option is useful when the measurment units are very different and overlapping the plots is not a good idea.


RT Omero

Un plugin per creare database complessi di edifici integrando rilevamenti su campo. Pensato per un uso specifico in Toscana può facilmente essere esteso ad altri casi d’uso.

A questo link puoi trovare il codice del progetto, mentre il manuale d’uso è consultabile a questo link.


It allows to split the screen in two or more panels, that can be panned and zoomed both in sync and independently. In QGIS 3 this has become a native function.

AniMove, Triangulation, RandomHR

See Animove page


EarthQuake Catalogue Analysis Plugin


Adds Make valid and Build area to Processing.

PS Tools

Expose PS Tools to Processing.

PS Time series Viewer

Computation and visualization of time series of speed for Permanent Scatterers derived from satellite interferometry.


Processing algorithms to estimate the amount of permafrost in soils from meteo data.


RT Qspider

Convert the selected table to an event layer (based on an X,Y pair) or to a spider diagram (based on two X,Y pairs).

Transformation Tools

Help using NTv2 grids or towgs84 parameters to transform -or reproject on the fly- vectors and rasters. Developing with funding from Regione Emilia Romagna.

Older plugins

  • Linear referencing plugin
  • ARPAT plugin
  • SpatiaLite Manager
  • RT Postgres Extractor
  • RT Sql Layer
  • RT MapServer Exporter