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QGIS Day 2019

Insieme a Regione Toscana abbiamo organizzato il primo QGIS Day italiano della storia.

Il successo dell'iniziativa è stato davvero incredibile, molto oltre ogni nostra aspettativa. Ecco qualche numero:

  • 17 presentazioni
  • 110 partecipanti al convegno provenienti da tutta Italia,...
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DataPlotly 3.0

Thanks to all the contributors of the past crowdfunding campaign we, Faunalia and North Road, are finally ready to release DataPlotly 3.0.

We have implemented all the features of the campaign, let's explore them.

Feature subset in plot canvas

Now it is possible to choose jus...

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QGIS Print Layouts Graphs and Charts — Beta Out Now!

Thanks to the success of our recent QGIS Print Layouts Graphs and Charts crowdfunding campaign, staff at North Road and Faunalia have been busy updating and improving the QGIS “DataPlotly” plugin with the goal of allowing beautiful charts in...

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Thanks to some tools developed by Faunalia and Enrico Ferreguti it is possible to download grib files. These files are very used in meteorological application and QGIS loads them as Mesh data type. See the dedicated plugin page

A simple workflow will consist in:

  1. Download the Q...
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