Mergin Maps: QGIS projects without limits

Mergin Maps is an open source platform for data collection, based on QGIS.

With Mergin Maps you can:

  • Create and modify your project with ease, through the QGIS interface
  • Synchronize easily with a central server, with automatic versioning
  • Harness the power of QGIS forms and symbology
  • Easily integrate with existing Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Connect to high accuracy GPS for better data collection
  • Collect spatial data and photos


Faunalia, an official Mergin Maps partner, can provide:

  • Training: QGIS project preparation, form setup, background maps, field data collection, sync, and much more
  • Consultancy and support: survey project design, connection and synchronization with a centralized database, and custom solutions
  • Development: through our partnership with Lutra Consulting, the Mergin Maps developers, we can offer further customization, whitelabelling, new features implementation, and much more!