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Free Software? Why?

In this post we won't get into the details of Free Software, what is the story behind it and the history, rather, we want to focus on its importance.

Nowadays basically all the software use, at least in some part, free software. Starting from big companies like Google, Facebo...

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New Challenges

This blog post is not dedicated to GIS, informatics, or Python but it is an evaluation of how the business, our business, can and should adapt to future challenges.

CO2 emissions are growing and many local institutions and NGO are trying to find a solution to this problem.


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With the Dash application of Plotly team it is very easy to create custom Flask app/frameworks to deploy locally or on a dedicated server.

Meteo-App SouthTyrol

The Bolzano County provides historical data and dedicated API to download them.

The data start from 2014 and dep...

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Auguri di fine anno e ancor più di miglior principio

L'inizio del 2020 ci vede impegnati in molte attività diverse, ma vogliamo elencare le nostre attività del 2019:

  1. attività di sviluppo e assistenza:

    • porting del plugin GarminCustomMap per QGIS 3
    • consulenza per e-distribuzione (ENEL)
    • s...
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QGIS Day 2019

Insieme a Regione Toscana abbiamo organizzato il primo QGIS Day italiano della storia.

Il successo dell'iniziativa è stato davvero incredibile, molto oltre ogni nostra aspettativa. Ecco qualche numero:

  • 17 presentazioni
  • 120 partecipanti al convegno provenienti da tutta Italia,...
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DataPlotly 3.0

Thanks to all the contributors of the past crowdfunding campaign we, Faunalia and North Road, are finally ready to release DataPlotly 3.0.

We have implemented all the features of the campaign, let's explore them.

Feature subset in plot canvas

Now it is possible to choose jus...

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