A Bug's Death

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A Bug's Death

How many times happens that a very annoying bug makes a normal workflow nearly impossible or, worse, you cannot work on the project anymore?

With a bug we discovered some times ago, you cannot select the parent geometry from the child form geometry, both layers are linked with a 1:N relation:


Immagine a project in which you have 20.000 child lines and 2.500 parent lines. You have to manually associate the child to a parent because there are not fixed spatial criteria: you have to choose the parent layer manually on the map.

How would you do if the bug is there? Well you have to open 2 attributes table click on the child feature, select the parent feature from the other opened attribute table and manually copy/paste the code you are looking for.

AKA: hours of work where the chances of making big mistakes are massive.

After we reported the bug it has been quickly fixed (thanks Alessandro) in the following PR. Results? Judge by yourself:

QGIS Bug Solved

What does it mean? We are really interested in the development of QGIS: we are not just users, we report bugs and work together with the QGIS team. Every day.

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