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From more than 20 years we are the best specialists in QGIS, PostGIS and much more

QGIS and PostGIS allow you to easily visualize, manage, edit, and analyze geographic data, and to create sophisticated cartographic maps

QGIS and PostGIS provide a simple yet effective way of handling large volumes of geodata (e.g. cadastre, land use, etc.) and to publish standard OpenGeospatialConsortium Web Services (WMS, WFS, WCS), as well as full WebGIS.

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From today all our services are available also online: trainings, consultancy and development. Flexibility, rapidity and efficiency, with the same ultra high quality.
An environmental and healthy choice.
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Service Provider

We are official Service Provider of:

QGIS (Desktop, Server and Web Client) | LizMap | PostgreSQL | PostGIS | GDAL | Mergin Maps | GRASS

Our offices

We have two main offices, in Pontedera (Pisa, Italy) and Brunico (Bolzano, Italy).

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The best courses to learn GIS in all the ways: QGIS, Database and WebGIS


Want peace of mind, knowing you can call for help and have your problems solved?


Do you need an algorithm, a plugin to speed up your daily work flow or fix a bug?

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Why choose us

Choosing Faunalia's services means reliability, guarantee and expertise. We are the best Italian company and one of the best of the entire World: we can provide GIS support, custom development and trainings. Some of our numbers:

  • 20+ years of activity
  • 350+ training courses in all the world
  • 5000+ trained people in both public administrations and private agencies
  • 21+ QGIS plugin published. Some example? DataPlotly, PS Time Series and many other that have been included in QGIS core such as GDAL Tools and DB Manager
  • the first Italian company authorized to release an official certification recognized by QGIS.ORG
  • 93 is the quality index of our training courses based on anonymous forms
  • 12+ years of QGIS Project Steering Committee
  • 22+ participation at International QGIS HackFests
  • 28+ Countries visited during our works in 4 different Continents.

Is it not enough?

  • Paolo Cavallini has been the the Chair of QGIS.ORG from 2018 to 2020
  • Paolo Cavallini and Matteo Ghetta founded the QGIS Italian User Group
  • Matteo Ghetta is the coordinator of the QGIS documentation
  • We have translated the QGIS manual in Italian
  • We wrote the help algorithm guidelines for Processing framework in QGIS 3.0
  • We always gave feedback and contribute to fix the bugs we find
  • We collaborate with the major and best developers of QGIS and PostGIS. For this reason the results is guaranteed.

If you have some doubt, please visit the page of our main customers and read the list of all our works