Outdoor QGIS with Mergin Maps

To learn how to get and manage data with Mergin Maps, the easiest way to take your QGIS projects into the field

You will learn how to synchronize projects from QGIS to Mergin Maps and all the way back.

By the end of the training you will be able to create a QGIS project, synchronize it with Mergin Maps, get field data and synchronize these data on QGIS back again.

Course outline

  • Brief introduction to loading layers in QGIS
  • Best practices to manage a QGIS project
  • Layers style optimization
  • Custom form creation to facilitate data entry
  • Mergin Maps introduction
  • Synchronization of a QGIS project with the remote server
  • Mergin Maps in action
  • Getting field data
  • Synchronization of data from the Mergin Maps cloud to QGIS


One day, full time