Faunalia is one of the first company in Europe to provide technical support for QGIS.

We gave and give support to private companies, public administrations and professional people.

Our services ensure, in case of problems, early intervention and ongoing support for the immediate restoration of the normal workflow.

In addition, being an active contributor to the development of software, Faunalia is able to ensure, at competitive costs, interventions of maximum effectiveness and the possibility of customization of the proposed solutions, for individual users and for organizations, both public and private.

Faunalia provides professional services to QGIS (Desktop, Server and Web Client), GRASS, PostgreSQL and PostGIS.

Our support is 360┬░ wide and includes:

  • Installation, configuration and upgrades
  • Migration from proprietary GIS (e.g. ArcGIS and Oracle Spatial) to free GIS (e.g. QGIS and PostGIS)
  • email and phone support: to contact us using our dedicated support email address with a description of your problem for a prompt response; to speak to someone straight away, call our support hotline
  • On-site support: for support issues that cannot be efficiently solved via email/phone or remote assistance, a Faunalia support engineer would make an on-site call to address the issue in person
  • Bug fixing on demand
  • Announcements subscription: allows you to keep up-to-date with all the latest features and releases as well as important security

News! Support to the migration from QGIS2 to QGIS3

After more than 2 years QGIS 2.18 Las Palmas has reached his end of life. Actually QGIS 2 reached EOL: in February 2018 the first QGIS 3 Girona has been released.

This means that QGIS 2.18 will not be supported anymore: no more bug fixing and no new features will be added.

What does it practically mean migrating from QGIS 2 to QGIS 3?

  • projects updating: symbology is now more complex and compatibility with old project is not always guaranteed
  • incompatibility of plugins. All QGIS 2 plugins are not compatible with QGIS 3 and must be updated
  • Processing models have to be updated: Processing has been totally rewritten and QGIS 2 Processing models must be updated to work with QGIS 3
  • print templates: also print templates must be updated to work with the new layout engine of QGIS 3

Faunalia offers full migration assistance from QGIS 2 to QGIS3 . We have already ported many plugins and given assistance to many companies during the migration process.