Training courses (now also online!)

Faunalia is the company with the world’s largest experience in training courses on Open Source GIS, having tought more than 300 courses, seminars and workshops in Italian, English, French, and Portuguese, to more than 5,000 trainees in the last 15 years.

Our training curses are always up to date with the latest versions of the software we teach.

The programs can be customized and we are available to give the classes at our facilities or at yours.

You can choose between the onsite and the online version, with the same interactivity and quality as ever.

We can arrange trainings for individual groups, public administrations and private companies.

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Training list

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Cartography with QGIS

Analysis with QGIS

Geodatabase: PostgreSQL and PostGIS

WebMapping with QGIS

Python and QGIS: pyqgis and plugin


Why choose Faunalia's training?

  • They have high quality, as are evaluated with high popularity indexes (between 82% and 93%, with basis on anonymous polls)
  • They are fully interactive with both theorical and practical modules
  • They are given by teachers that contributes since many years to the development of the software used in the classes.
  • Paolo Cavallini is Chair of the international foundation QGIS.ORG and member of QGIS Steering Committee
  • We developed important parts of QGIS, GDAL, PostGIS, GRASS, etc.
  • They have a cost that is lower when compared to the ones bases in proprietary software
  • They contribute to the improvment of the used software, by giving part of the subscription fees for further development and bug fixing
  • Allow the access to the European Computer Driving Licence - GIS (ECDL-GIS).

QGIS.ORG certification: Faunalia is the first Italian company qualified to release an official certification recognized by the QGIS.ORG international foundation. You can ask this certification for an additional cost of 50 €. These funds are allocated for the QGIS development.

Customized training for companies and administrations

We can organize customized training for your company or public administration depending on your needs:

  • flexible dates
  • customized training content and material
  • durata personalizzata

Many public administrations and private companies already choose us for training courses.

Write us to have more information.

Beincert Partnership

We are official partner of Beincert: you can obtain your own QGIS Certification thorugh Beincert!