Cartography with QGIS

To learn how to install and use QGIS, access and present the data, style the data and produce high quality layouts with high informative content.

Course outline

  • Short introduction to Free and Open Source GIS
  • Installation in different operating systems
  • The work environment
  • Work environment configuration
  • Projection management
  • Projects
  • Plugins management
  • Vector data
  • Properties, import/export, conversion between formats
    • Vector styles and labels
    • Tables of attributes and actions
    • Turn a table into a geographic layer
  • How to use GPS units in QGIS
  • Vector digitizing. CAD tools
  • The geographic databases PostGIS and Spatialite and QGIS
  • Add layers from map servers: WMS, WFS, WFS-T, CSW, WPS, OpenLayers,* Google Maps
  • Importing photos as points
  • Exporting data directly to Google Earth
  • Raster data
    • Properties and styles
    • Coordinate reference systems management and mosaics
    • Georeferencing
  • Creation of animated maps
  • 3D visualization
  • Advanced layouts/printing; serial printing (mapbooks)


16 hours split in 4 half days