DataPlotly plugin real life use cases

DataPlotly plugin allows to use real data to study the numerical distribution of some variables.


Covid-19 pandemic is unfortunately well known in the whole world. Thanks to and the John Hopkins University we have real data to study the pandemic spreading.

Working in QGIS

After loading the data in QGIS we have 2 layers to work with:

  1. a flat table named covid_table that contains time data for each country: we have repetitive rows for each country depending on the data:

    Covid flat table extract

  2. a spatial polygon layer that represents the whole world with the columns of Deaths, Cases and the DateTime of the last available day (a python script is downloading and shaping the data automatically every day):

    World view

We can use the first non spatial table to filter only one single country, e.g. Italy with the Feature Subset button and adding the filter as "Entity" = 'Italy':

Feature Subset

We can then check the Show Range Slider in the Advanced Configuration tab to add a nice time range slider to the bottom of the plot:

Range Slider

Finally let's create the first plot of the filtered values of Italy using DateTime as X values and Deaths as Y values. We don't want single points for each day, to choose Lines as the Marker Type:

Deaths Plot

Now let's overlap on the same plot also the Cases trend. Just repeat the previous step changing the Y value to Cases and changing also the color. Finally click on Create Plot:

Cases Plot set up

You will end up with two overlapped plots:

Deaths and Cases Plot

Download the project from our server.