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Together with North Road we are running a crowd funding campaign to extend the layout print capabilities of QGIS.

While the funds were not raised within the original deadline of 30th April, we decided to extend the deadline for other 30 days! (31st May 2019).

DataPlotly mockup

We are counting on your supp...

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Paolo Cavallini, as QGIS.ORG Chair, has been invited to the annual meeting of the local group of QGIS Sweden.

Many interesting topics will be discussed, click on the link fir the detailed program.

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Dal 5 al 7 luglio a Padova abbiamo organizzato il primo QGIS Summer Camp italiano.

Visualizza mappa ingrandita

Durante questi giorni sono stati organizzati molti eventi diversi:

  • workshop dedicati a QGIS
  • QGIS user conference
  • show and tell per mostrare i propri progetti

e tanto tanto altro...

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Link of the Crowdfunding campaign

The QGIS DataPlotly plugin (developed by Faunalia) allows for creation of D3-like interactive plots directly within QGIS, using the feature-rich and mature Plotly library. Although it’s been designed with simplicity in mind, the plugin exposes a powerful interfa...

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The following instructions are deprecated for QGIS 3.

Proprietary (closed) formats are a pain in the a_s for both users and developers of Open Source software. The ECW format is a common format for imagery in GIS software, but unfortunately to read/write it you will need closed (and paid) libr...

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